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Understanding Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Do you struggle with negative emotions without knowing where they come from? Do you find that you have a low threshold for stress? Would you like to better understand your patterns of behavior? Are you feeling stuck and unsure of what is standing in your way? Psychodynamic Therapy may be right for you.

Psychodynamic Therapy Operates Under The Following Principles:

  • A person’s development is influenced by one’s childhood events.
  • One’s thoughts and behaviors are motivated by irrational drives that are rooted in the unconscious.
  • People tend to create defenses against negative emotions as a way to protect themselves.
  • Conflicts between the conscious and the unconscious create mental or emotional disturbances (like anxiety and depression).

How Can Psychodynamic Therapy Help Me?

By using psychodynamic techniques, people can become aware of their unconscious thoughts and motivations. This awareness provides the insight that is needed to lessen stress and negative emotions. Understanding unconscious thoughts, desires, and feelings also allows people to make more informed decisions. Overall, Psychodynamic Therapy can help bring about the necessary insight to decrease negative symptoms, thereby allowing you to function on a better level.

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