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Start the New Year with a Mentality for Success

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Start the New Year with a Mentality for Success

December has arrived. The new year is right around the corner. Now is the time that many people start thinking about their new year’s resolutions. Let me ask you this- generally, how successful are you at accomplishing and sticking with your resolutions? Most people answer not very. So what’s getting in the way of keeping up with these resolutions? It’s because the first step is getting into the best mentality for success and most people skip that part.


It is very hard to stay motivated without this mentality for success. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the holidays and feel optimistic about being able to stick with new year’s resolutions. The trouble is that burst of inspiration doesn’t last without the right mindset.



Our actions are directly related to our thought process. Think about why you do anything you do? Because your brain tells you to. We all have thoughts constantly running through our minds and our actions are based off that. Without this mentality for success, any road bumps we encounter related to our resolutions lead to giving up. It is also almost impossible to stay inspired and enthusiastic 24/7. Having a mentality for success helps you keep up with everything even when that motivation falters.


Before you start working on creating your new year’s resolutions, first take some time to build your mentality for success. Get your mindset set for victory!



  • Make it a definite. Tell yourself you will be successful and accomplish all you are striving for. Often, we don’t have enough faith in ourselves. There is this voice in the back of our minds saying “you won’t really do that,” or “it won’t last.” These past experiences of not continuing on this path help convince you that that voice is right. This year don’t let that voice be in control! Keep telling yourself confidence statements. When that voice starts talking, say “NO!” Remember that now things will be different because you are making concrete changes that will lead to more luck.


  • Build up a positive self-image. Do things that help you feel good about yourself and build confidence. Be your own cheerleader and encourage yourself. Give yourself credit for the things you have accomplished. Make sure to give thought to the things you like about yourself and your positive qualities. It is important that every day you take time to sit and focus on the positive parts of yourself and your success.


  • Accept things you cannot control.  It can be easy when things are not going well to get stuck in frustration that that is the way it is. Often, so much energy is spent on anger and sadness when things don’t go your way or are not how you want them to be. We can’t control everything and spending time wallowing in that keeps us from moving forward. Be flexible to change plans when necessary and learn how to manage stress. When things are frustrating, tell yourself it’s okay and problem solve how to move forward considering the new circumstance.


  • Keep a positive focus. When things aren’t going your way, don’t harp on the bad. Find something good within the situation or that comes from it. Learn from mistakes and remember hard times make you stronger and more prepared for the future.



Take some time now and write down where you currently feel you are in your mentality for success. List the things you are already doing in line with this mentality and the things you want to improve on.  See below if you would like a worksheet to help you with this.


Click here  for your FREE workbook on creating your mentality for success. This workbook will help give you a concrete way to start shifting into a mentality for success.


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