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How to Maintain Motivation and Focus

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How to Maintain Motivation and Focus


A lack of motivation and focus is a common struggle for many people. It can be difficult to find the work ethic and determination to accomplish all that you have set out to do. Staying motivated in life boils down to your mindset; once you can work on that, it is much easier to maintain motivation and focus.



  • Identify what your goal is. Oftentimes people struggle with a how to stay motivated in life because they are looking at it in a too general way. It can be overwhelming when you just look at motivation or, lack there of, as an overall personality trait and struggle. When you can pin it down to one specific goal that you want to achieve, it is much easier to manage and navigate. Once that goal is reached, you move onto the next with the same mindset. Then it will get easier as you move forward.


  • Make a list of the benefits of maintaining motivation and focus. Think about all that you gain from reaching your goal. Read your list when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed. When you find your motivation and focus wavering, pull out the list and read it. Include concrete tangible profits as well as the positive impact it will have on your mental state. For example, let’s say you are struggling to get a work assignment done. Some of the benefits on your list might be:
    • “I’ll be able to keep my job.”
    • “I’ll make more money.”
    • “I’ll feel less stressed when it’s done.”
    • “I will feel proud of myself and accomplished.”


  • Put a reward system in place. Just as you train a dog by giving them treats, apply the same logic to yourself. There is such a powerful impact on your mindset when you associate doing something with a concrete positive outcome. The idea is to counter a lack of motivation and focus with a stronger reason to get right down to it. Let’s look at the work example again. Break the project down into smaller parts. When each part is completed, reward yourself with something; this can be anything from 30 minutes of t.v., to a food indulgence, to slightly splurging on buying something you have been wanting. Find what works for you.


  • Problem solve the roadblocks you are encountering. Think about what things deter you from your goal and allow you to rationalize your lack of motivation and focus. Consider what is specific to this circumstance as well as the things that generally get in your way. Then find a solution. For example, if your environment is not conducive to productivity, rather than let it be, make a change. If your phone buzzing becomes a distraction, turn it off while you are working.


  • Deal with what is standing in your way. Ask yourself why you are not actually working on your goal. Look specifically for any anxieties and fears. A lot of the time, anxiety and fear is what is standing in your way. Worrying about things like not doing a good job, being judged for the outcome or final product, or failing, can be a strong deterrent from even trying. By making sure that you are addressing this and bringing the anxieties to the forefront, you can actually deal with it. Flip the script and tell yourself that you can do it and it is better to try than just leave it as it is. Be your own cheerleader and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.


  • Think of it as a done deal. Often when you have trouble staying motivated in life, you resign to that mentality. Knowing that typically this is an obstacle for you impacts how determined you really are. When you try to buckle down and get something done, you might be telling yourself something like “I know I’m not really going to do this.” Instead, talk to yourself as if you are always motivated and as if your goal is already reached. Using imagery can help with this; imagine yourself after you are done in terms of how you look, think, and feel and what the end result is.


The bottom line is that maintaining motivation and focus is very dependent on how you think about yourself and your goals. Using these above tips will help you change your narrative to one that is more conducive to a motivated and focused mindset. You can start to no longer see yourself as someone who lacks motivation and focus as well as mentally counter the obstacles that you may encounter. Go get to it, your goals are within reach!

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