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Ending A Relationship: Knowing When It Is Time and How to Do It

Relationships are a big part of life. Whether family, friends, or romantic, there are generally various relationships in our lives. The trouble is that sometimes these relationships are filled with conflict, and it is energy draining and stressful trying to make it work. Ending a relationship is very difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s not

Am I Settling or Being Realistic?

Are you feeling confused in your current relationship? Are you questioning if you are settling or just being realistic? This is such a common dilemma people get into. All relationships have conflict. It can be a very fine line between being realistic and settling.   Settling in a relationship can come from having unrealistic expectations.

How to Navigate a Relationship with an Insecure Partner

When you enter a relationship with someone who has been hurt in past relationships, that can bring difficulties. Being hurt in the past can cause a lot of insecurities that are then brought into the new relationship. An insecure partner may be shut down, more cautious, or more sensitive. You may struggle to know how

Navigating Conflicting Feelings

Many times, in life we are faced with conflicting feelings. A situation, event, or person may trigger opposing views that somehow are both true at the same time.   COMMON CONFLICTING THEMES: Wanting to be independent but also wanting help Wanting to be alone but also wanting connection to others, or being with people but

Increase Emotional Connection and Intimacy

Building emotional connection and intimacy in a relationship can be difficult. Whether it’s with family members, friends, or a romantic partner, fostering emotional connection and intimacy can come with challenges. Balancing our own needs with others needs is tough enough. This is further made complicated by any insecurities and anxieties one may have. Often, people

How to Overcome Perfectionism

Perfectionism is defined as the desire for everything to be done perfectly and the inability to accept anything less than that. The problem is that this is not a realistic, sustainable outlook on things. Perfectionism paralyzes you and can keep you from getting anything done. It makes it impossible to be satisfied with the outcome

Find Happiness Through Loving Kindness

Loving kindness is a DBT skill that helps reduce suffering and increase happiness. In short, it is a meditative practice where you repeat specific words and phrases to foster feelings of compassion and love. Essentially it is the opposite of negativity and judgement. You send loving kindness to  yourself and others. In a way, it

What To Do When You Feel Taken For Granted

It is common for people to feel taken for granted and unappreciated in their relationships. This can especially be an issue in romantic relationships. When it feels like there is a lack of reciprocation and you do more than you get, it makes sense to feel taken for granted.  This can lead to stress, anxiety,

Conquering Distorted Views About Relationships

People often create distorted views about what it means to be a good friend and what a healthy relationship looks like. When you operate on such beliefs, it can lead to a constant dissatisfaction regarding relationships. Relating to people based on these myths can also cause an increase in stress and conflicts. Identifying that you

The Search For Meaningful Relationships: Tackling Insecurity

Do you find yourself struggling with anxiety related to social interactions and relationships? Do you feel you are being ruled by your insecurities and fears? This is a common problem that people encounter, getting in the way of creating the meaningful relationships (both platonic and romantic) that they desire. Here are some strategies that you