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Increase Gratitude to Improve Happiness

With Thanksgiving around the corner, let’s talk about gratitude. Gratitude means being thankful and ready to show appreciation. It’s about acknowledging the good and the gifts we have received in life. Being grateful means giving thought and expressing appreciation for specific items, circumstances, situations, relationships, and personal qualities/characteristics that you are happy to have in

How to Navigate a Relationship with an Insecure Partner

When you enter a relationship with someone who has been hurt in past relationships, that can bring difficulties. Being hurt in the past can cause a lot of insecurities that are then brought into the new relationship. An insecure partner may be shut down, more cautious, or more sensitive. You may struggle to know how

Create a Positive Inner Dialogue

We tend to be our own worst critics and our inner dialogue can be cruel and self-deprecating. This kind of thought process leads to myths about your own character and capabilities. A cruel inner dialogue often leads to feeling like you can’t achieve something or don’t deserve to. This will keep you from even trying;

How To Be Mindful of Emotions

Emotions will come and go; therefore, it is important that you learn how to be mindful of them. Being mindful of emotions essentially means acknowledging you are feeling an emotion without judging them or trying to ignore them. You will experience emotions whether you want to or not. It is necessary to learn how to

Navigating Conflicting Feelings

Many times, in life we are faced with conflicting feelings. A situation, event, or person may trigger opposing views that somehow are both true at the same time.   COMMON CONFLICTING THEMES: Wanting to be independent but also wanting help Wanting to be alone but also wanting connection to others, or being with people but

The Mind-Body Connection

The mind and body are interconnected; what is going on for one will affect what happens to the other. For example, when you are mentally stressed, your body will physically tense up. Being physically healthy helps you to be more emotionally resilient. When your body is not okay, there is more sensitivity to emotional triggers,

Increase Emotional Connection and Intimacy

Building emotional connection and intimacy in a relationship can be difficult. Whether it’s with family members, friends, or a romantic partner, fostering emotional connection and intimacy can come with challenges. Balancing our own needs with others needs is tough enough. This is further made complicated by any insecurities and anxieties one may have. Often, people

Cope Ahead: An Anxiety Management Technique

Generally, anxiety is related to worry about the future and not knowing what the outcome will be or fearing a worst-case scenario. Often, anxiety comes with feeling like you will fail or are not capable of getting the result you want. For example, you might feel anxious about an upcoming test or presentation. The anxiety

Improve Self-Esteem and Confidence By Building Mastery

Building Mastery is a DBT skills that helps improve self-esteem and confidence. When you feel competent and better about yourself, it is easier and less stressful to go through life. Many times, when someone lacks self-esteem and confidence, it keeps them from actually trying. The mindset is things like “I don’t deserve that,” “I’m not

Improve the Moment: A DBT Stress Management Technique

Improve the moment is a DBT strategy used to better deal with negativity and stress. When the situation cannot be changed, or you feel to overwhelmed doing anything, improving the moment can be used help you feel more positive and be better able to tolerate the negative. This is also a good strategy to use