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Monthly Archives: July 2017


Controlling Emotions by Letting Go of Emotion Myths

  Beliefs  that you have about emotions will impact your own personal experience of emotions. Often, people generate myths, or faulty beliefs, that can lead to difficulty in controlling emotions. When you have a distorted view about emotions, it can get in the way of effectively processing, regulating, and expressing the emotions.   Some common


  Throughout the day, everyone has thoughts about themselves that pass through their mind. These thoughts are one’s self-talk. When self-talk is self-critical, self-loathing, or self-hating that is known as the inner critic.   COMMON THOUGHTS OF THE INNER CRITIC: I am stupid I don't deserve happiness I am such a screw up I can

What To Do When You Feel Taken For Granted

It is common for people to feel taken for granted and unappreciated in their relationships. This can especially be an issue in romantic relationships. When it feels like there is a lack of reciprocation and you do more than you get, it makes sense to feel taken for granted.  This can lead to stress, anxiety,

Better Manage Emotions Through Wise Mind

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is all about balance.  The definition of dialectical is finding the middle path (or balance) between two seemingly opposing ideas. Examples of dialectics are self-focused vs. other focused, dependence vs. independence, and emotion vs. reason. When you struggle with opposites such as these, it is called being in a dialectical dilemma. This

The Model of Emotions: Understanding and Describing Emotions

  Understanding and describing emotions can be a difficult process. You may not always be sure of how you feel or why you feel that way. This makes it difficult to manage and regulate your emotional experiences. Understanding and describing emotions is a necessary skill to better manage your mental state. This can be done