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Taking Care of Your Mind By Taking Care of Your Body

We don't always remember to take care of ourselves. Life gets busy, it often can seem like we don't have time for everything. Therefore, our physical needs don't always get prioritized. If you are feeling more depressed or anxious than usually, dealing with stress, or just overall not feeling well, remembering to take time to

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How to Share Your Feelings, Fear, and Insecurities with Him.

In today's dating world it can feel like a game and as if you have to play by the rules. This often makes people, especially women hesitant to share their feelings, especially fears and insecurities. There might be anxiety around coming across as too needy or too clingy. Finding the balance between opening up and

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Social Media: The Negative Impact on Self-Esteem

Social Media is a big part of our culture but it has had a negative impact on many people's self-esteem. Here is an blog I wrote for discussing that and what you can do about it.

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What to Do with A Cruel Inner Critic

Sometimes people's inner dialogue can be mean and critical towards oneself. Check out this article about what leads to a harsh inner critic and what you can do about it. Written My Margarita Tartakovky, M.S. with contributions by Alyssa Mairanz, LMHC, DBTC  

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The Airplane Mentality: The Road to Self Respect Sometimes people are feeling unhappy, but they don't fully understand why. A lot of times, the root of the problem, is not maintaining one's self respect. Self respect means having pride and confidence in one's self. For various reasons one might feel that they aren't important or they

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New York Times Article on DBT

Here is a link to a great article on DBT and how helpful it can be when dealing with depression and suicide ideation.

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What to Do When You Have to Wait- and Can’t Stop Worrying

Great article on how to manage worry. Written by Margarita Tartakovsky with Contributions from Alyssa Mairanz, LMHC & Carolyn Ferreira, PsyD.

  • The Road to Mindfulness

Road to Mindfulness