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Think different, do more, worry less


It’s hard to live in a big city trying to figure out how to be an adult.  It’s a struggle knowing where to go with your career, how to make friends, how to find a partner, how to not be lonely. And you’re not quite sure how to change any of that.


Life after high school is tough, and it’s even harder after college.

You may be living far from your family. You don’t have that built-in group of friends around you all the time.  You’ve got to make your own life. You’re feeling lonely. You are questioning are people going to like me? Will I succeed?  You’re not sure who you’re becoming and where to go from here.


Helping people has always made sense for me. I enjoy it, and I do it well. I help you by showing you its ok to feel those difficult feelings. Because pretending that those feelings aren’t there won’t make them go away. I help by keeping you from getting stuck in those feelings for too long. Because you can be suffering, and still love your life. You get to choose how you face the tough stuff. I’ll help you be more ok with where you are now, but we’ll still work on making it better.


Better means

You’re making new friends that you’re actually excited about

You’re loving your job again or enjoying what you are studying in school

You know who you are and  have a clearer picture of where you’re heading in life

You know how to achieve all you want and handle any obstacles that might get in the way



Reach Out

Areas of Focus

I believe the first step in productive therapy is to provide an empathetic ear without judgment. My goal is to help you gain an understanding of yourself and your patterns of behavior. I will also provide you with concrete strategies that can be utilized to help lessen stress and negative emotions. I tailor my approach to each individual based on his or her needs and the training I have received in various modalities.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Please call me for a free 15-minute phone consultation.